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Chequers Beauty launches flagship Day Spa in Holborn, London

February 22nd, 2010 by Chequers

We are very proud to announce the launch of our flagship salon in Holborn, London in March 2010.

With over 20 years in the hair and beauty business servicing London (at Leadenhall Market, EC3), our knowledge , experience and understanding of guests ensures that we continuously deliver a service of quality and excellence that evolves to meet changing needs, all at great prices.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience in our new state of the art salon, which is fully air-conditioned and designed to give you a feeling of complete well being.

7 sumptuous Treatment rooms

Our 7 beauty treatment rooms are beautifully created to pamper all your senses. Immerse yourself in the luxury of our 5 star facial and body treatments using the exclusive Guinot and Clarins products. Our Hydradermie treatments are the most advanced beauty salon treatments for maintaining a healthy complexion.

2 Dedicated St Tropez Tanning rooms

Our St Tropez solutions offer safe and flawless tanning that are packed with nutrients for great skin. So whether you want to make a real bronze statement or simply a healthy-looking glow, our self and gradual tan ranges give you the power to create exactly the type of tan you want with none of the drawbacks.

2 Cutting Edge Tanning Beds

Our revolutionary high tech Sun Angel tanning bed allows you to tan with confidence, giving you a beautiful tan, whilst virtually eliminating over exposure. The Sun Angel is a truly innovative tanning bed with a variable UV spectrum and sensor-controlled tanning. Tanning guests will get just the right amount of UV light necessary for a perfect looking tan.

Our Ergoline Sunrise Dynamic Power vertical tanning bed offers a fabulous performance for those who are after a fast, rich, golden tan.

4 Nail Bars

Indulge yourself in our wide range of fabulous nail treatments to suit all needs, from Jessica nail manicures and Bio sculpture gels to Zen Spa pedicures.

Hair Salon

We believe that a great hair cut is immensely essential in total beauty wellbeing. That’s why our team of hair stylists use cutting edge techniques and styles that suit you the individual, using products that ensure your hair is always looking and feeling fantastic. We will also be retailing a range of leading styling products including Kerastase, Wella high hair, SP, Fudge, GHD straightners

In addition our own in house TV system with 4 monitors positioned throughout the salon, will ensure that you are kept up to date with all of our exclusive treatments and special offers.

Whatever your requirement, we invite you to step inside the Chequers experience and escape the outside world.

You will find us at 5 Nevill Lane, London, EC4A 3AP.

We will be back with opening day details!

From all at Chequers.

Chequers Beauty Salon Video on YouTube

June 12th, 2009 by Carlo

Chequers Goes to “Brazil and Beyond”

April 29th, 2009 by Carlo

Chequers Beauty Salon has recently introduced intimate male Brazilian waxing. A must have treatment which has become more popular for men of all ages in the male grooming sector. The most popular of these  particular treatments include B.S.C.

Our fully qualified therapist specialises in this specific field. She has been in the industry for 16 years, of which 5 years in male intimate waxing and 6 years teaching. Her experience and professionalism in male waxing has subdued concerns about possible embarrassing encounters. This will lay to rest any first timers concerns. She will talk you through all stages of the treatment, and stop at any time you should feel uncomfortable. It is very rare that arousal ever occurs as the waxing sensation tends to subdue it.

The therapist considers this as a natural event.  This treatment requires you to leave your modesty outside the door.

An advanced pain free Lycon hot wax is used which has been the leading Australian waxing brand for the last 20 year and favoured by many celebrities.

The skin is prepped by applying an essential based oil which forms a barrier between the skin and wax. The wax in then applied to the area, literally shrinking around the hair and does not stick to the skin. This will prevent hair breaking, in-grown hairs, bruises and redness.

Once you have voyaged to Brazil , you will become a Brazilian fan!!!!

Read more about Mens Intimate Waxing at

Clarins Aromatic Balancer (1 Hour Facial)

March 25th, 2009 by Carlo

Chequers Beauty Salon is proud to offer the  Clarins  luxurious Aromatic Balancer Facial.  Come and immerse yourselves to a spot of luxury, in our tranquil and fully climatized spa treatment rooms. The perfect treatment to escape from your stressful  and hectic city lifestyles.

This pure indulgent 1 hr facial is an all over sensory experience, starting with a skin consultation enabling the therapist to personalise the treatment and individually tailor it to suit your skins requirements.

Carins is renowned for using 100% pure plant oil extracts in their facials  Personalised blends are massaged into the skin using the ‘Clarins touch’ massage techniques. This stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation leaving your skin looking renewed and radiant. A unique treatment  which restores the ‘Natural Balance’ and ‘Energy of the Mind’.

New high-tech air sanitisation

February 28th, 2009 by Carlo

In a continued effort to ensure that the best treatments and environmental conditions are met for our valued clients, we have recently introduced air sterilisation units to all 5 of our treatment rooms to protect them and our therapists from all variety of contaminated airborne matter.

These air sterilisation units work by sucking in the contaminated air within the room by air convection and then sterilising it inside the unit which has a patented ceramic core were all the microorganisms are totally destroyed by incineration at temperatures that reach 200°c. After being incinerated the resulting harmless particles are released back to the environment.

Regardless of how hazardous a virus, fungus or bacteria might be, they cannot resist the powerful heat inside the ceramic core.

These air sterilisation units destroy all airborne  pollens and ozone (03). Ozone is a very toxic gas that according to EPA can damage lung tissue, cause chest pain and throat irritation and trigger asthma. Our sterilisation units are proven to reduce levels by 26% every time air passes through its ceramic core.

Our air sterilisation units destroy all airborne microscopic threatening micoorganisms including viruses, bacteria, fungus and germs including the smallest microbes. By eliminating spores new colonies are unlikely to develop, representing less future airborne spores.

Dust mites also cause many allergic reactions. The fine dust generated from their skeletons and excrements contain hazardous fungus and allergens that when inhaled cause allergic reactions. Those allergens and fungus are totally destroyed inside our air sterilisation units. Mould reduction in the environment causes reduction in the mould dependent dust mite population.

Mens Intimate Waxing – New Treatment

January 16th, 2009 by Carlo

All new treatment for 2009 – Mens Intimate Waxing.

We now have a beauty therapist specializing in intimate male waxing with 16 years practical experience, of which 6 years in male intimate waxing.

Please see our Mens Treatments page for more details.

Chequers Beauty Salon is now on Facebook

January 1st, 2009 by Carlo

We are now on Facebook.

Become a fan of Chequers Beauty Salon on Facebook and we will give you 50 free reward points to use in our all new points promotion scheme.

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